8 Reasons Why Physiotherapy Is So Important

Have you been wondering the following question: should I see a physiotherapist? Continue reading to learn about the 8 best reasons to see a physiotherapist. And if you do find yourself in any of these situations that we mention below, don’t hesitate to reach out and book an appointment with a great quality physiotherapist at Knead Wellness.


Reduce or Eliminate Pain

There are many aspects of physiotherapy that can be implemented in order to reduce or eliminate pain. In fact, sometimes physiotherapy is able to eradicate pain completely. Techniques of manual therapy combined with exercises that are therapeutic can be quite effective.

For instance, there can be the application of ultrasound as well as electrical stimulation that has been successful in the relief of pain. They can also contribute to the restoration of the functioning of the joints and muscles, with the end result of a reduction in the level of pain.

Avoid Surgery

Surgery is not always the final solution that is required for your physical condition but in such cases that it is absolutely necessary, physiotherapy that is administered prior to the surgery may yet prove to be highly beneficial. This is due to the fact that physiotherapy can make you stronger.

As a result, you will be in better shape, which will be a positively supporting factor in guiding you through a more speedy recovery process after you have your surgery.


Improve Mobility

When someone is having some difficulties when they make the effort to move, walk or stand, then a good solution is physiotherapy. A person’s ability to move can be greatly restored and enhanced via the application of exercises for strengthening and stretching. Moreover, a physiotherapist has the ability to accommodate a person with the appropriate crutches, cane, or other devices.

Furthermore, the physiotherapist can conduct an assessment in regard to an orthotic prescription. With a care plan that is customized, a person can practice an important activity during physiotherapy sessions and it can be adjusted in such a way to promote the best safety and performance outcome.

Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Those who commence physiotherapy undergo a screening process that detects their risk level in regard to falling. If there is an indication of a high level of risk for falling, the physiotherapist will apply a progression of exercises in a careful and safe manner. They are designed to target the balance of the individual by mirroring situations in real life.

When the vestibular system is responsible for causing issues with balance, the physiotherapist is able to conduct particular maneuvers that are able to cause the restoration of the appropriate functioning of the vestibular system. This then often leads to a reduction of dizziness. In addition, the physiotherapist is able to guide you through various exercises that are designed to grant improvements for issues with coordination. The physiotherapist is also able to indicate which device someone should use for assistance with walking more safely.

Manage Age-Related Issues

With the process of aging, there often comes osteoporosis or arthritis for many individuals. Or people may even require the replacement of a joint.

Physiotherapists have much expertise when it comes to aiding people in dealing with their conditions related to osteoporosis or arthritis in a comprehensive manner. They also are beneficial in guiding individuals through the process of recovery due to a replacement of a joint.

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Recover from or Prevent a Sport’s Injury

A professional physiotherapist fully realizes the reality that various sports can contribute to a high risk of different kinds of injuries. For instance, those who participate in long-distance running can experience stress fractures.

When you want to be able to soon get back to the sport that you enjoy, a physiotherapist is able to craft the proper exercise program for your recovery. An exercise program is also ideal in an effort to prevent the occurrence of any further injuries.

Stroke Recovery

A stroke can happen at any time. A stroke can cause damage to your body and that can make life difficult for you on a daily basis. But with the assistance of a physiotherapist, you can recover from some of the damage from a stroke.


Help Control a Disease or Condition

Physiotherapists are well aware that there are many different types of diseases and conditions that bombard the lives of many people.

The struggles of such diseases and conditions are real. But with the guidance of a caring physiotherapist, many people get help with fibromyalgia, cancer, constipation, lymphedema, and more.

Why Physiotherapy is Important

We have clearly revealed eight ways in regard to how physiotherapy helps. To get some relief from your pain and truly beneficial help, contact us here at Knead Wellness today.

We are ready to help you on your journey to a reduction in pain and your recovery.

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