Postpartum Back Pain: Tips For Relief

You most certainly are experiencing postpartum back pain if you have lingering stiffness and discomfort in your back after giving birth. There is back pain after epidural or even c-sections. You aren’t the only one who experiences this and we have some tips for relief. 

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Types of Back Pain

We all know the saying “a pain in the back.” The reason this phrase is so popular is simply because we all know what back pain feels like. It doesn’t matter if you know the name of your particular kind of back pain (such as thoracic back pain) or simply just know the location (such as middle right back pain or lower middle back pain), there are many kinds of back pain treatments to help.

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Runner’s Knee

It’s important to stay active. One of the most common ways to stay in shape is running. It helps maintain good cardio fitness and healthy body weight. Over time, runners can develop runner’s knee, a common and treatable condition that causes pain of the patella or front of the kneecap. The professional term for this pain is a patellofemoral syndrome or patellofemoral pain syndrome.

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