Can Chiropractors Help with Posture

Have you thought about your posture lately? Not only does your posture affect your spine health, but it also impacts your overall health. Posture is how you position your body when standing, sitting, or lying down. Good posture means that your spine is in a neutral position and no strain is being placed on it. 

Poor posture can cause damage to your neck, mid back, or lower back, cause pain and lead to more significant problems. Can a chiropractor fix posture? Yes! A chiropractor can correct postural imbalances and realign your spine so it is in good form and functioning at its best.

Assessing your posture concerns

Many people don’t put much thought into their posture, and as a result, have formed some bad habits that are impacting their back, nervous system, and overall health. How can you tell if you have bad posture? Well, there are a few signs that indicate you may need to work on your posture:

  • Uneven shoulders – This often is the result of having your weight unevenly distributed on your shoulders, resulting in some muscles becoming tight while others weaken.
  • Rounded or hunched shoulders – Rounded shoulder posture can put a strain on the shoulder muscles and make them longer while causing the muscles in the chest to become tight.
  • Rounded upper back – This is also known is kyphosis or hunchback and is characterized by an exaggerated forward rounded upper back.
  • Head facing downward – If your head is slanted forward, this is putting strain on your neck and is an indication of poor posture.

Why is your posture important?

Posture plays a role in how your body feels and functions. Putting strain on your spine can lead to pain and fatigue. Sitting in a slouched position for extended periods of time puts pressure on discs ligaments and muscles in the spine. This can contribute to back pain. Slouching can also cause the lungs to compress and result in diminished respiratory function. If you suffer from tension headaches, or a tight chest or back pain due to poor posture, improving your posture can reduce the pain. 

Benefits of good posture include increased energy, improved lung capacity, and increased confidence.


Chiropractic techniques for posture improvement

So, what can chiropractors help with?  A chiropractor can adjust your alignment by applying pressure to certain areas of your body. A chiropractic adjustment must be done by a trained chiropractor to avoid injury. During the adjustment, you will be asked to lie in a comfortable position while your chiropractor manipulates your bones and muscles to correct any posture issues. Some movements your chiropractor causes will engage weak or immovable joints.

A chiropractor can also use other techniques to reverse some of the damage caused by poor posture, correct imbalances and stimulate the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Benefits chiropractic care

To find the best approach to correcting your posture issues, your chiropractor will conduct an assessment to gather relevant information about your health. This assessment will include an examination of your spine and joints to determine your range of motion and identify any other posture issues. Your chiropractor will also test your flexibility, observe how you sit and move, and test muscle strength and length. This allows the chiropractor to come up with a customized approach that will address your need specifically. If poor posture has led to issues with nerve communication, the chiropractor will work to restore that communication.

As your posture improves, you will need to maintain good posture and avoid the bad habits that lead to poor posture in the first place. A chiropractor will not only help you correct your posture but will train your body to move in a natural way that preserves your spine and prevents strain.

Self-help strategies for posture improvement

Wondering how to fix my posture? There are some simple exercises you can do on your own to improve your posture and strengthen the muscles that have a weekend due to poor posture. These exercises can be performed in a standing or seated position like Chestopener and Reverse High Five. There are also floor exercises like Mini Cobra that can be done. 

Performing these exercises can drastically improve your alignment and overall health. The key is to keep exercising on a regular basis. 

Getting help to fix your posture

Now that you have an answer to the question “can a chiropractor help with posture?”, you can finally take action. Whether your posture issues are caused by poor posture habits or genetics, seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis can make a big difference. Be sure to seek out a qualified chiropractor such as Knead Wellness to help correct your alignment problems.

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