Massage Therapy vs Chiropractor for a Pinched Nerve

There is little worse than back pain, a stiff neck, or a pinched nerve. It is chronic and it reminds us every second that it is there. But should you get a massage or a chiropractor for a pinched nerve? While each has its benefits, it may come down to a personal choice. But the best way to help a pinched nerve is with treatment, not with medication. Here is a closer look at what each of these means.


What is a pinched nerve?

When too much pressure is applied to a nerve, it becomes compressed. The tissue around the roots of the nerve put on pressure resulting in pain. This pain can be in your neck, back, and legs, but other areas are also susceptible. These often start in the neck, middle of your back, and lower back. They can also be the result of a slipped disc.

They cause pain and often numbness in the affected area. The pinched nerve will often clear up eventually within a few weeks. You can try massaging a pinched nerve. Rest and over-the-counter pain medication can help. If it doesn’t, then you should seek out your healthcare provider for guidance.

Causes of a pinched Nerve

Most pinched nerves are caused by pressure from bones, muscles, scar tissue, and tendons. It may be that your spine is out of alignment. They can also be the result of an injury, swelling or inflammation, tight shoes, or clothing. They could be happening because of an old injury or accident. When we have been injured, we tend to favour one side to protect ourselves. This can create a lot of pressure around the roots of the nerves.

They can also occur from sitting or standing in the same position for extended periods of time. Pinched nerves also happen from repetition or overuse of a certain muscle group. It can happen from osteoporosis, being overweight, or bad posture, in our advancing age we sit and walk differently. A pinched nerve can even be a side effect of arthritis.

Pinched Nerve Symptoms

You will experience pain in the area or nearby. The pain may be sharp and even have a sensation of heat or burning. The pain may also be sharp, throbbing, and consistent. You could also have a tingling feeling, like pins are being applied. Some people experience numbness or a weakened sense of feeling, or the feeling like your limb has flannel asleep.

Pain from one area can move and affect other areas of the body. You also may experience a shooting pain that seems to move outward toward other areas. Others may feel a tingling sensation down the leg, in the buttocks, neck, hands, and in areas in your back. It is important that you recognize these symptoms and seek treatment right away. Left on their own they can lead to other, more serious issues, and permanently damage the nerves.


Chiropractic Treatment For A Pinched Nerve

You can apply heat or ice to your pinched nerve, but you may want to seek professional treatment. Most people try massage or chiropractor for a pinched nerve. Your chiropractor can help you with the pinched nerve and you will notice improvements almost immediately. They know how to make a few small adjustments to relieve the pressure.

The treatment you get will depend on where the pinched nerve is and how it came about. Your chiropractor will treat the area by relieving the pressure and making sure your spine is aligned. Gentle adjustments are a great way to treat a pinched nerve. It puts your body back in alignment and eliminates the need for medication and even surgery.

Massage therapy North York

Massage Therapy Treatment For A Pinched Nerve

If you are wondering, will massage help a pinched nerve, the answer is yes. Again, it will depend on where the pinched nerve is located and what the cause of it is. In some cases, chiropractic therapy may be better, in others, massage therapy will be preferred.

A massage on the area that is sore will get your circulation and blood flowing and relax the muscles causing the pain. Massage will loosen tendons and connective tissues.

A massage on the spine and neck can make a great difference in relieving the pain and tension that you are experiencing. With the muscles relaxed and warmed up, they and you will relax.

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