Custom Foot Orthotics in North York

It’s recommended that you take 10,000 steps a day for optimum help. However, reaching that goal can often cause pain and discomfort in your feet. If you are experiencing pain from moderate to light movement, it may be time for custom orthotics.

Knead Wellness is Toronto’s first choice in custom orthotics. We help relieve foot and muscle pain by providing custom orthotic solutions that suit your unique medical and physical needs. Our team of custom orthotics specialists can help you find the comfort you need to reduce strain on your feet and legs, letting you enjoy going for a walk again. Custom orthotics offer more than just foot support. They also align the knees, hips, and spine to reduce pressure and ease the symptoms of health issues like diabetes, arthritis, or poor circulation.

Custom Made Foot Orthotics Benefits

What Are the Benefits of Custom Orthotics?

  • Comfort – Custom orthotics are not a one-size-fits-all solution like traditional shoe insoles. Each pair of orthotics is customized to the shape of your foot so they provide a proper fit and comfort when walking or standing.
  • Pain Relief – Many people don’t realize that the leg and back pain they experience from standing on the job may be the result of poor foot support. Orthotics provide the cushioning and fit needed to support the spine reducing stress on your muscles and joints.
  • Improved Performance – Athletes and runners put tremendous stress on their joints with each step. Custom orthotics provide added support reducing the impact and increasing mobility. Custom orthotics can be designed with your particular sports needs and goals in mind so you can enjoy maximum performance and decreased risk of injury.
  • Improved Overall Health – Several health issues can benefit from the increased comfort and mobility associated with orthotics. Individuals experiencing bunions, plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, or foot deformities can benefit significantly from orthotics. People who suffer from severe arthritis, scoliosis, and osteoporosis also experience an improvement in their overall condition.

Why Choose Us

Foot and body pain can make doing day-to-day activities difficult. Knead Wellness offers you effective custom orthotic solutions, paired with the latest comfort technology so you can enjoy improved comfort and movement. Our custom orthotics team of experts is highly trained in working with your individual health needs. We believe that every patient deserves the right orthotic treatment for their specific health concerns.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff make getting a new pair of custom orthotics in Toronto easy. We work with you to review your concerns and evaluate your lifestyle, activity levels, and body mass to determine what kind of orthotics will offer the best improvement. We then take accurate and precise measurements so we can design custom orthotics that are the right size, level of cushioning, and thickness so you experience the highest level of comfort. Once the orthotics are created, we invite you back for a fitting so we can ensure that every detail and measurement is perfect.

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Many people think orthotics are for older people. But athletes, people who spend many hours on their feet on the job, and people with medical conditions can experience the benefits of orthotics. As one of the premier Toronto orthotics clinics, we offer the highest level of service and care to ensure our patients always experience the best results.

Contact us today to discover why countless patients trust us with their custom orthotics solutions.